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2-Second Rule for Distracted Driving Can Mean Life or Death

The large rubber strip that I was speeding toward on the Ventura Freeway near Los Angeles looked easy enough to avoid. I swerved, but not enough. That strip was actually metal, however, and it ripped through my right front tire, which went spinning across four lanes of the freeway. Moments later, I was driving 80 miles an hour with one bare metal wheel, sparks flying...


Peo Industry: State Of The Union

Michael A. Ortoll, ARM |Founder, iPEO and JV Partner, BKS-Partners| mortoll@bks-partners.com INDUSTRY OVERVIEW The PEO industry is 30 years young with a bright future filled with opportunity and challenge. The industry is strong and growing with approximately $ 150B in revenue, 150K clients, and 3M+ employees. The market potential is enormous with 80M+ individuals employed by firms with less than 500 employees earning on average...


Workers' Compensation Market -2018 Outlook

BKS Partners – Michael Ortoll, ARM In 2017, we saw a continued downward trend in Workers Comp (WC), including a reduction in premium rates overall, particularly in the large, loss-sensitive marketplace. Given the lack of deterioration in large WC carriers’ combined loss ratios, we expect similar aggressive targeting to grow market share in 2018. While returns for low-risk investment opportunities remain limited, the marketplace’s appetite...


How to Use Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type to Your Advantage

If you know your personality traits, you can master career and life challenges that come your way. Whether you’re just starting out on your career journey or have been in it for years, knowing and utilizing your personality type can prove to be immensely beneficial to help you understand your most authentic self. You can find out what yours is by taking a personality test such...


FBI warns companies about hackers abusing RDP connections

Millions of RDP endpoints remain exposed online and vulnerable to exploit, dictionary, and brute-force attacks. In a public service announcement published today by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the FBI is warning companies about the dangers of leaving RDP endpoints exposed online. RDP stands for the Remote Desktop Protocol, a proprietary technology developed by Microsoft in the 90s...


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"No pain, no gain” is a phrase associated with events like the Olympics, but it’s no less appropriate for entrepreneurs trying to lift their business to “the next level.” That’s why iPEO Solutions (http://www.iPEOsolutions.com) works with the industry’s best PEOs to help businesses improve cash flow and reduce costs.

Tampa, FL—Bob Dylan once observed, “Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.” He might have been writing about entrepreneurs initially caught up in a mountaintop experience who wake up one day lost in a nightmarish mound of paperwork. That’s when it’s time to contact iPEO Solutions (http://www.iPEOsolutions.com) about finding the right Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Studies reveal that’s what more businesses are doing.

The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) has reported that employment growth among PEO clients since 2010 has been 9 percent higher than other small businesses (based on the Intuit Small Business Employment Index), and 4 percent higher than employment growth in the U.S. economy overall.

“Most people invest in the services of a PEO to thwart some level of pain,” says Michael Ortoll, founder and CEO of iPEO Solutions, explaining that a Professional Employer Organization is an outsourcing firm that handles Workers Comp/Risk Management, Employee Benefits, HR & Payroll Administration, etc.

“We can deliver lower Workers Comp costs, including better service aimed at keeping costs lower, as well as provide improved HR Compliance and Payroll Administration via higher-end technology and resources,” Ortoll said.

iPEO Solutions specializes in providing co-employment alternatives to a variety of industries, including: Private Equity portfolio firms, Associations, Franchises, Real Estate/Property Management, Healthcare (Senior Housing), Construction, Hospitality and Transportation.

“This is what we do and why they hire us,” he said.

In addition, iPEO can help manage implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act and improve cash flow through “pay-as-you-go Insurance and taxes,” thus spreading out a company’s cash.

In their celebrated report “Professional Employer Organizations: What Are They, Who Uses Them and Why Should We Care?” Britton Lombardi and Yukako Ono of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago wrote:

“Over the years, the PEO industry has undergone continued transformation. Beginning in the early 1980s, PEOs started out as firms that conducted payroll processing for their client firms. Payrolling involved preparing and distributing payroll checks, direct deposit of wages to bank accounts, payroll data maintenance, filing local, state and federal government paperwork, and vacation and sick leave tracking.”

iPEO’s Ortoll summarizes it like this: PEOs help companies shift from time-consuming administrative tasks to revenue-producing activities, thus lowering the level of pain endured to achieve success.

“iPEO Solutions tailors PEO solutions producing the greatest value for its clients,” Ortoll said. “iPEO works with the industry’s best PEOs. We vet each provider through a due diligence process, ensuring all participating PEOs meet the certain key requirements.”

What are the simple secrets to the PEO industry’s growing success? The Florida Association of Professional Employer Organizations (FAPEO) lists them as:

  • Controlling costs -Saving time and paperwork hassles
  • Providing professional Compliance (e.g., payroll, IRCA, EEOC) -Reducing turnover and attracting better employees
  • Providing claims management (e.g., workers’ compensation, unemployment Insurance)
  • Providing better benefits packages
  • Providing professional Human Resource services (e.g., employee handbooks, forms, policies and procedures)
  • Reducing accounting costs

Entrepreneur.com puts it this way: “By combining the employees of several companies into one large pool, professional employer organizations (also known as employee leasing companies) can offer business owners better rates on health-care and Workers' Compensation coverage. The net effect can be significant savings of your time and money.”

It should be noted, however, analysts agree that PEOs neither provide daily supervision nor get involved with the recruiting process—except when necessary, such as in background checks and drug testing.

For more information about selecting the right PEO, call 1 (813) 220-3132 or visit the iPEO Solutions website at http://www.iPEOsolutions.com — also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/iPEOsolutions.

ABOUT: iPEO Solutions is an independent broker and single-source co-employment solution that works with the industry’s best Professional Employer Organizations, ensuring that each meets the following requirements: A-rated Insurance carriers, leading technology, experienced and stable management teams, strong financials, a history of success and qualified internal personnel in all service areas

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