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Our PEO consulting business has saved our clients over $20 million in 14 years

Evaluating my current PEO

If you are currently in a PEO relationship and are wondering if your rates are competitive, we can help. We will unbundle your current PEO’s invoice to give you full insight into what your exact cost allocation is and how it may have risen unfairly over the term of your contract with your PEO.


Success Rate

$500 - $1000

Average cost reduction per employee per year.

Risk Free

Consulting Engagement

Consulting Required data

  • Your Company PEO contract and/or proposals and any amendments to the contracts.
  • The detail payroll records (cumulative year to date information) for the first and last payroll for the past two years. (We are HIPAA compliant, we don’t collect personal or corporate IDs/SS#).
  • The detail payroll records (cumulative year to date information) for the first and most recent payroll for the current year.
  • The invoice and cost detail from the company’s PEO for the corresponding payrolls from above (first and last invoice and cost detail from payrolls of the last two years and the first and most recent invoice and cost detail from the current year).
  • Description of health Insurance plan and rates.
  • Any additional information regarding your relationship status with your PEO.
  • Loss experience currently valued if in a claims sensitive plan.


iPEO solution helped us save money and avoid unwarranted rate increases

Gary Kaufman, who I have known for over 15 years, matched us with a PEO based on size and expertise, negotiated competitive rates and helped make a smooth transition. We’ve been in the PEO for nearly two years, and Gary continues to monitor and review the payrolls to ensure there are no material or unwarranted rate increases. We save money and have a good solid PEO experience with Gary.

Dennis Stein
Partner Stein Riso Mantel McDonough, LLP.

iPEO solution helped us reduce our costs and recover overpayments

Through his payroll analysis services, Gary provided a simple but highly effective proposition. There was no risk to engage his services, only upside. More importantly, he cut through the double talk we previously encountered with our PEO service provider when we asked them to explain their service fee structure. Gary helped us reduce our costs and recover overpayments for other errors discovered during the payroll analysis.

Giles W Poulson
President Faris Machinery

iPEO solution helped us confirm that we were being charged correctly

Gary and team negotiated reduced rates with my PEO going forward and secured credits for prior year overcharges. We saved money, and we didn’t pay the consulting fee until we received the credit from our PEO. Gary continued to monitor our invoices to confirm that we were being charged correctly.

Tina Bofo
Administrative Manager Jolt Technology

iPEO solution helped us reduce our PEO rates

About five years ago when Gary Kaufman first told me he could reduce our PEO rates, I was a little apprehensive. Gary assured me he wouldn’t do anything to hinder our relationship with the PEO. His analysis found that our PEO had been overcharging, and he negotiated the return of substantial money and additional savings going forward. I was surprised when the PEO agreed to the reductions and reimbursed us. We kept them as our PEO and I can honestly say the relationship remained strong.

Rick Cordary
President EDCO Awards & Specialties

iPEO solution helped us minimize constraints on dealership managements

Gary has provided Universal Nissan/Hyundai significant annual savings in excess of $100K. The team is thorough, persistent and results oriented. They completed the PEO analysis on time and with minimal constraints on dealership management. Gary Kaufman is a partner committed to delivering results.

Ronald Eberhardt

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