The next housing crash could be caused by weather, not Wall Street – here are the places that should be worried

When Hurricane Michael touched down in mid-October, it destroyed rows of homes in the Florida Panhandle, leaving behind just a few surviving structures. In Mexico Beach, Florida, only one oceanfront home was left fully intact: a two-story property made of concrete and steel cables. Unlike other structures in the area, the miracle home – known as Sand Palace – had been built to withstand winds of up to 250

A telecommuter who suffers an injury because of his or her job duties, may have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. Historically, employees either drove or commuted into work five days a week. As the digital age has advanced, remote work has become a standard practice for many companies in various types of industries.

Business is going strong, but fewer U.S. companies are celebrating with holiday parties this year. This may be the result of the #MeToo movement, which has highlighted sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, according to a survey released Nov. 6 by consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. Only 65 percent of companies are holding a holiday celebration this year — the lowest percentage since 2009, the

The program would move your savings into an IRA, then into your new employer’s 401(k) plan. Workers changing jobs could have their retirement savings automatically transferred to plans at their new jobs under a proposed federal rule. The U.S. Department of Labor is considering allowing Retirement Clearinghouse LLC to run a program that automatically transfers small 401(k) balances into individual retirement accounts when employees leave a job. Then, when

While Greg Poulin, co-founder and CEO of Goodly, was attending Dartmouth, his father passed away unexpectedly. On top of the emotional toll, he also ended up having to borrow $80,000 in student loans to pay his tuition. Poulin has since moved to San Francisco, the thriving-but-pricey hub of the startup world, and he’s still chipping away at his loans with a monthly payment of about

GREGOBAGE/GETTY IMAGES A wealth of research shows that female leaders, much more than their male counterparts, face the need to be warm and nice (what society traditionally expects from women), as well as competent or tough (what society traditionally expects from men and leaders). The problem is that these qualities are often seen as opposites. This creates a “catch-22” and “double bind” for women leaders. Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of

Instead of tweaking old approaches to employee engagement, let’s talk about how employers can truly engage employees in 2019. When seeking to engage your employees, listen and respond to their unique preferences. (Photo: Shutterstock) Employers often experience the same challenges of employee engagement year after year— from overcoming disinterest in benefits, to enhancing the onboarding process and boosting employee participation. These concerns are valid, as the industry grapples with higher

KOLBZ/GETTY IMAGES It’s a weekday and Jeff, the director of technology at Economical Insurance, kisses his daughter and waves goodbye as she enters the doors of her public school. Then, he either turns the car around and returns home for a day of remote work, or he continues on to his office, where his hours are flexible — he just needs to keep his boss

Next year is already shaping up to be a cybersecurity headache for researchers and businesses alike With just two months left in the year, security researchers and businesses are already looking to the future to see which threats and trends will continue to make an impact in the world of cybersecurity in 2019. Ian Kilpatrick, EVP of cybersecurity at the Nuvias Group has outlined his

Chubb announced that it is partnering with The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest conservation organization, to work together in Miami to reduce the risk from storm impacts and rising sea levels on the vulnerable coastline. The collaboration, funded by a $1 million grant from the Chubb Charitable Foundation, includes a restoration and resilience project in Miami-Dade County to demonstrate the flood protection benefits of nature-based

Picture a world where sophisticated machine-learning algorithms generate hyper-realistic video footage of you doing things you’ve never done and saying things you’ve never said. If that sounds like a nightmare, I’ve got bad news for you. That world is increasingly our world. Those videos, called “deepfakes,” are already being created, often for unsavory purposes. (You can watch a deepfake video of former president Obama giving a

Keep your furry friends safe throughout the winter festivities by keeping these simple tips in mind! The holiday season is usually a time filled with family, friends, and festive gatherings, so of coursewe want to include our four-legged friends as well. By taking a few simple, preventative measures and making pet safety a top priority, we can have a fun and safe celebration for everyone under the roof!

PG&E Corp.’s $1.4 billion in wildfire insurance may not be enough to cover all its potential liabilities from the deadliest blaze in California history. But the company wasn’t necessarily skimping on coverage. That level of coverage is a “regular amount” for a utility of PG&E’s size, said Kit Konolige, a utilities analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence. But PG&E’s circumstances aren’t exactly regular. California authorities are looking

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic takes an in-depth look at today’s security threats and provides advice to defend against attacks. As cybersecurity redefines the international conflicts of the future one thing remains clear: No business is safe from an attack, which could bring reprehensible damage to a company’s finances, data, and reputation. For this special feature, ZDNet and TechRepublic writers disclose how today’s

If you’re ready to take action, be willing to do the work of understand the root cause of your inaction. Get back to the fundamentals. “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe You know that stare? Well, you actually only realize it in hindsight. When you

It’s that holiday time of year again, and you’re trying to select a gift for the boss or a coworker. You want to make it personal, but at the same time, you want to keep it professional. The answer is simple. Get them a book. You probably know something about their interests. And even if you don’t, any book that would make them or your

(Image: Andranik123 – stock.adobe.com) It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for holiday cheer, of course, but also for cybercriminals who use the season as leverage to manipulate their victims. Like holiday music playing in department stores and decorations adorning your neighborhood, themed cyberattacks start around Thanksgiving and continue through Christmas. “These scams ride the wave of the holiday season, when users are more inclined

A MASSIVE data breach at Marriott International is a reminder that the debate over protecting personal information is much bigger than the tech industry. Until Congress acts, businesses across the country will remain unprepared for persistent attacks, and Americans will remain at risk. Marriott announced Friday that its Starwood reservations database had been infiltratedstarting in 2014 by unidentified actors, exposing the data, from names and addresses to passport

All of these facts make a big impact on costs of coverage and costs of care. Decisions you make about health insurance affect your finances in profound ways. Going without insurance puts you at grave risk of financial disaster — and you’ll also owe a federal tax penalty for not being covered. While buying insurance provides important protection from devastating financial loss, finding the right policy

One thing appears to drive a lot of holiday shopping decisions. If you have children or grandchildren, the holidays come with a lot of pressure to dig deep for gifts. Many families have traditions of surrounding Christmas trees with presents, some of them lavish — and while it’s easy to tell an adult you plan to cut back this year, many aren’t willing to do